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What Top Construction Company Websites Have in Common

We've worked with a number of different kinds of construction company websites over the years. In that time we've learned quite a bit about the industry, the audience, and what it takes to have a successful website in that arena.

Our experience has been primarily in the residential sector. That is, construction of homes and apartment buildings. But that really doesn't matter. Whether a construction company works mainly in the residential or commercial sector, what can make or break a site is relatively the same. From having a clear message to hiring a professional photographer, the aim is the same: to generate leads and eventual business from the website1.

1. Professional Web Design & Development

Just like you wouldn't hire your brother's neighbor's cousin to build you a house, you shouldn't hire just anyone to build you a site. It's probably super obvious, especially coming from a web design agency, but it can't be emphasized enough. Nothing beats having your site professionally designed and built. A good design studio will tailor not only the design to your company and brand, but they'll work with you on making sure the right features, content, and lead generation mechanisms are in place and make sense for your business. Buying a cheap template and simply dumping in some photos and text isn't going to do what a professional design company can do to actually help improve your business.

2. Professional Copywriting

I still get a bit surprised when people either don't know what copywriting is or confuse it with copyrights, but I understand the confusion. Copywriting is simply writing copy (text) for marketing and advertising purposes.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "But I'm a good writer, so why can't I just write the text?" I'm sure many business owners are good writers – we have to be to a certain extent – but being a good writer doesn't necessarily mean you can write good copy.

Having your website's content written by a professional and experienced copywriter is one of the best investments you can make for construction company's website. On a branding level, professionally written copy will be consistent across not just the entire site, but all of your marketing materials. On a marketing level, the copy will tell your story and pique the interest of your prospective customers enough to lead them through your sales funnel. Not everyone can do this and not every copywriter can do this well. At Block 81, we work with a copywriter who we bring on whenever possible. And whenever we have, our clients have raved about how much a difference it made in their project(s).

3. Professional Photography

People's reaction to the possibility of hiring a professional photographer (or videographer for that matter) is very similar to that of hiring a copywriter: "Well I have a pretty good camera, I can take the photos!"

I hate to break it to you, but chances are that your photos, while they may be decent, won't be anywhere near as good as those of a professional photographer. Photography isn't just about pointing and shooting at the intended subject. Photographers are creatives, just like copywriters and designers. They frame the subject to tell a visual story – your story. That story is going to help sell your construction services and really show off what your company is capable of.

The key to hiring a photographer though, is to hire one that knows how to shoot your type of construction work. For instance, if you do primarily indoor residential remodeling (such as kitchens and bathrooms), you're not going to hire a photographer whose expertise is in fashion photography.

4. Business & Site Goals

Having a site just to have a site doesn't cut it. The reality is that your company website needs to be part of your overall business and marketing goals. It should be purposefully created to improve your business, which usually can be whittled down to making more money. That's all it really comes down to. If you don't know what your business goals are, then you've got a much bigger problem at hand.

5. SEO

Here's a hard fact: if people can't find you, they can't buy from you. SEO (search engine optimization) helps people find you.

Your construction company's website needs to be properly built and optimized so that search engines pick it up and know what the site is about. But SEO isn't just a one-time event.

It's highly unlikely that you'll be ranking right away for competitive keywords. And even if you are, there's no guarantee that you'll stay there or go up. To remain relevant in the search engines (so that people can find you), on-going SEO is a must-have. On-going SEO essentially continues to build your site's reputation through inbound links, content marketing, and more.

6. Service Pages

This seems like an obvious one, but there are construction companies who only list their services on a single page. While that's not terrible, per se, it isn't enough.

Having service-specific pages gives you two distinct advantages:

  1. It creates specific content for search engines. I'm a big believer in writing content for humans first and then sprinkling in what you need for search engines. After all, humans buy, search engines don't, and this is no different. But, having dedicated pages for key services is a great way to rank for specific keywords. That can't be done with a list of services on one page – there are just too many keywords (services) competing for attention and the quality gets watered down.
  2. It creates specific content for humans.Assuming that the content for the service pages is well-written and aimed at people, an individual service page gives your potential customers a closer look at any one of your services which can create trust right away. And assuming you're going to rank well for those service pages, people looking for a particular service will be more likely to find you.

7. Site Features

There are specific features that almost every construction company website should have. I say almost because it really depends on your business. But here are a few:

  • Project/Photo Gallery.People want to see what you've done. Having a project gallery is a great way to promote your capabilities and get people to buy into what it is you do. If you can frame each project with why it was done, that helps even more as it creates a possibility for a deeper connection with your visitor.
  • Clear Calls to Action. A lot of websites in all industries forget this critical aspect. A call to action is simply a link on a site that leads prospective customers down your sales funnel. Or, to put it more simply, it's a link leading to whatever it is you want the visitor to do most: call, email, fill out a form, etc.
  • Easily Accessible Contact Information. Don't bury your contact info. Keep it consistent and available on every page.

So there you have it – things that the best construction company websites have. Want to make sure your construction business hits these items? Get in touch!

1 Admittedly, most, if not all, of what is listed here can be applied to most service businesses in any industry. That said, this list is definitely aimed at construction companies.

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