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The Best Of The Best - 5 Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B companies have to market just like B2C companies, but how often do you hear about it? Most people think of B2B marketing campaigns as being about as exciting as a business meeting.

However, some B2B companies are proving that marketing doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s fun, engaging and memorable.

Trying to come up with a new marketing campaign, but need a little inspiration? Let these five companies show you how it’s done.

Cision’s Public Relations Manifesto Ebook

Cision works with the communications and PR industry, but their services don’t exactly get people laughing or jumping for joy. To showcase how valuable their services are and to bring some personality to the industry, they partnered with Gaping Void and Brian Solis (a content influencer) to create an engaging ebook about public relations.

When was the last time you remember PR to be exciting for B2B companies? Their free ebook shows that adding a little humor and personality to a marketing campaign is highly effective. Cision avoided the normal corporate feel and opted for a more creative solution.

NewsCred’s High Fashion, Great Content

NewsCred is a content marketing platform and wanted to target the fashion industry. They created a micro-site that not only targeted fashion, but talked about major brands as well. The site also perfectly described the need for content marketing as it relates to retail brands and fashionistas. Companies could also check out recent fashion trends as well.

The campaign used a modern design to target an industry that thrives on being cutting edge. It’s an engaging and highly effective campaign that continues to work for the company.

Adobe’s Acquisition of Omniture

Adobe was already well-known for desktop publishing software, but not so much for marketing services. When the company acquired Omniture, a marketing analytics business, it was time for a new marketing strategy. In order to try and shift brand perception from traditional Adobe products to this new service, Adobe turned to Omniture’s website to position itself as a leader in the industry by using a mixture of content curation and original content to target marketing leaders.

The result was successful and continues to establish Adobe as a leader in the marketing industry. However, the company is still able to maintain its presence in the desktop publishing sector too.

Knorr Goes Gluten Free

When Knorr began offering gluten-free products, the company didn’t just target consumers. Instead, Knorr launched an innovative B2B marketing campaign that targeted chefs and catering companies. The company listened to consumers and realized there were very few catering companies that offered gluten-free options. After talking to chefs and caterers, they realized the problem was most people found current gluten-free recipes boring.

Knorr then launched a campaign to educate chefs and caterers about their products and provide inspiring recipe ideas. They also created a cookbook filled with recipes and how to create a gluten-free kitchen with no risk of cross-contamination.

GE’s The Message Podcast

When it comes to B2B marketing campaigns, you usually see ads, whitepapers, emails and ebooks. What you don’t see is an engaging podcast. GE opted for a storytelling model versus straight marketing to appeal to their audience’s emotions. The multi-part podcast focuses on technology and aliens, but never pushes products. This introduces the brand to other companies in an entertaining way.

GE’s approach is a great example of thinking outside of the box. It also shows that branding is an important part of marketing. By showcasing the personality and creativity of the brand, they build a relationship before they even mention a single product or service.

Do you feel inspired yourself? While standard B2B marketing campaigns are effective, sometimes it takes a little something different to stand out from the competition.

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