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Spice Up Your Holiday Cards This Year

With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about how your business will spread the cheer to your customers and colleagues. And unless you act quickly, hiring your go-to designer may be out of the question as they get booked (psst, we still have availability... for now). If that's the case though, don't fret. You or someone on your team can quickly create something nice for your customers.

First things first – you need to find killer artwork. While hiring a designer is by far the best way to go if you want something 100% unique to your brand, the next best thing is to purchase stock photography or illustration. For that, we often recommend Creative Market (full disclosure: we sell digital products on Creative Market). Here are some collections we put together that could work in a pinch.

Powered by Creative Market

How about some fun illustrations?

Powered by Creative Market

Some of those illustrations come with text already, which can save you a boatload of time. Otherwise, why not get a font to go with your artwork?

Powered by Creative Market

Warning: it's ridiculously easy to lose yourself in all the awesome artwork at Creative Market. :)  And let's face it, doing just that, and putting it altogether takes some time and some creativity. Not everybody has both. Especially time – if you're running your business, who has time to mess around with getting holiday greetings just right? And besides, wouldn't something customized to your brand be way cooler?

If that's your case, as mentioned earlier, there's always trying to book some time with your go-to design studio. Or us. We still have some time available in our project schedule. Just get in touch!

Custom holiday banner ad we did for LandCentral.

Custom graphics for Bodyfelt Mount's holiday email.

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