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Increase Online Sales With A Beautiful Web Solution

Beautiful web design can make or break a website’s success. If you want to increase online sales, a website makeover could be the answer.

The right site is designed to engage and persuade shoppers. It draws them in and helps them find what they need quickly and easily.

It also encourages them to share their experience with others. After all, who doesn’t want to recommend their favorite online stores to friends and family?

Simple Is Beautiful

Adding more elements might seem to make your website more beautiful and engaging. However, simple is beautiful. For instance, which would you consider to be more beautiful – a child’s room scattered with toys and clothes or a private beach with just the sand and ocean? The first is fun, but it’s a bit chaotic. The second is simple, yet beautiful because of that simplicity.

Visually complex sites are less beautiful and often turn visitors away. Think of your favorite brands and you’ll quickly see a theme of simplicity among their sites.

Skip Stock Images

Stock images are safe, but they don’t exactly create a connection. Plus, they are so over-used that they’re not beautiful anymore. Increase online sales by using a web design that skips the stock images. If you want a visual background, use a photo of someone actually using your products or an image of your brick and mortar location (if applicable).

Refresh Your Site Regularly

You website’s design might have been stunningly beautiful five years ago, but now it just looks dated. Visitors form first impressions quickly and if your site looks like it hasn’t had a design change in years, it could cost you sales. Instead of sticking around, visitors think your site:

  • May be less secure
  • Isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Doesn’t value customers
  • Will provide a horrible experience

They also wonder if your products and services are as dated. Refreshing the design to incorporate new features and trends shows visitors you care about their experience and they thank you in the form of sales.

Opt For A Product Page

Customers love visuals. For a more beautiful design, consider a product page over a large drop-down menu. Having visuals of your products is more visually appealing than a list of text. For, the switch increased their revenue by 56.43%. Drop-down menus are so common it’s hard to think of replacing them. You can still have menus, but display your products proudly to increase online sales.

Color Matters

The color scheme you use makes the difference between a beautiful web solution and one that’s annoying or bland. Having harmony between colors creates a beautiful, engaging design that instantly draws shoppers eyes to what’s most important – your products. It’s also important to tie in your color scheme with your products and brand identity.

It’s always better to stick with a small set of colors versus a large palette. This makes your site seem less cluttered.

Whitespace Adds Beauty

Whitespace is your best friend when it comes to designing a beautiful site. It also helps to increase online sales. Take a look at some of the sites in Top Design Mag’s 20 Examples of Bad Web Design. and are prime examples of why whitespace is important.

By simply adding space between elements, the entire look of your website changes. It also makes is easier for shoppers to find navigational elements, calls-to-action, products and the shopping cart.

Create Atmosphere And Personality

A truly beautiful web solution does something special – it creates its own atmosphere and personality. Even when shoppers are at a computer or mobile device, they still get the feeling they’re in a physical store. Everything about the design reflects your brand and its values. From the colors to the layout, it’s distinctly you.

By creating a unique user experience, shoppers want to stick around longer. They may not even realize why they’re so drawn to your site. However, you’ll enjoy all the extra sales.

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