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How Web Maintenance Services Can Boost Your Sales

Your website is just like your car – it needs regular maintenance to run in peak condition. If it’s not properly maintained, your visitors have to deal with glitches, crashes and more.

If sales are low, your site could be the problem. From outdated features to security flaws, visitors will leave if the site’s not up to their standards.

Web maintenance services solve many issues that could drive visitors away. When visitors stick around, sales increase.

Regular web maintenance could be the key to boosting sales. (Image: Ilya Pavlov)

Reduce Overall Downtime And Crashes

Downtime has been the death of many sites and businesses. No matter what the cause, when visitors try to visit a site that doesn’t work, they turn to the competition instead. The longer your site’s down, the more potential customers that become loyal customers of your competitors. Yoursite’s reputation is on the line and you can’t afford to lose the trust of your customers and visitors.

Having regular backups on hand helps ensure that if your site does go down, it’s easier to get back up and running quickly. Website monitoring also helps you discover potential problems before they result in downtime or crashes.

Boost Performance

If your site loads slowly, you’re losing sales. In fact, there’s adirect correlation between page load times and conversion rates. If your site’s too slow, Google may not even index all your pages. Even boosting page loading speeds by one second can boost conversions and sales by up to 27%. Plus,better performance improves the user experience, which makes them more likely to buy.

Problems with your site’s code, images that aren’t optimized for the web, malicious code and an outdated site all contribute to increased loading times. Web maintenance services check for performance issues to ensure your site stays competitive.

Eliminate Broken Links

Broken links are inevitable, but they hurt sales. The worst part is when those broken links are to your own site. For instance, maybe you link to one of your products in a blog post, but the link’s changed since then. When a visitor clicks to check out the product, they get hit with an error message instead. Just like that, you’ve lost a sale.

You could try to manually check every link on your site to ensure it goes to a live website or page. WhileGoogle wants all links to go to the correct page, this method takes forever. Instead, web maintenance services scan for link issues. It’s much faster and helps to boost sales.

Improve Security

The cause of many site crashes and downtime is hackers. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep them from corrupting your site to begin with? Web maintenance services include security services as well. The services enhance security to keep hackers out.

All it takes is a single hack to damage sales forever. If a hacker manages to steal customer data, those customers lose faith in your business and won’t come back. If visitors get malware from your site, they won’t want to come back. Security isn’t something to take lightly. One problem is all it takes to drive customers away.

Keep A Fresh Look

Google loves an updated site and that doesn’t just mean new content. Yes, you should always upload new content on a regular basis, but your site needs some tweaks to keep it fresh too. For instance, if your site hasn’t been changed since 2010, you’re probably losing sales.

Part of the reason is your site may not be compatible with the newest browsers and mobile devices. You don’t always need a complete site makeover, but you could use a newer menu style, a different call-to-action or a less cluttered color scheme. Small changes make a major difference in sales. Even updating old content is a part of good website maintenance. The combination of new design changes and fresh content is the perfect strategy for increasing sales.

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