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How To Maximize Your B2B Call-To-Action Using Your Website

Does it seem like visitors completely overlook your call-to-action? You double-check your site, but sure enough, the CTA is still right where you left it.

So what’s wrong? Don’t give up on your B2B call-to-action for lead generation just yet. All it takes is some key tweaks to your website to maximize your existing CTA.

Take your website from barely getting a conversion to your number lead generation source. With a little work, it really is possible.

Tired of visitors walking away from your CTA? (Image: I'm Priscilla)

Make The Value Obvious

Take a look at your current call-to-action. It probably asks visitors to sign up for something or give you their email address, but why should they do that? If the value isn’t obvious, very few visitors will even give your CTA a second glance. They’ll move on to whatever they came to your site for and move on.

You have to make your CTA seem like the visitor is doing you a favor instead of seeming like you’re the only one benefiting. Try appealing to a visitor’s need, such as “Tired of lead generation that goes nowhere? Sign up now for the tips you need to become a lead generation master.” It shows value and speaks to a visitor’s need. Take a look at some of these CTA examples to see how simply changing the wording makes a difference.

Place The Focus On Content

The traditional landing page and brochure style sites aren’t as effective as they once were. Instead, businesses are focusing more of their efforts on content marketing. Why? According to 93% of B2B companies, it generate more leads than traditional marketing. Content marketing offers several unique benefits:

  • Prove your value to visitors through industry expert posts

  • Continue to gain organic leads from old posts with no additional marketing

  • Increase search engine rank to drive more overall traffic

A great example is HubSpot. Their old posts account for 90% of their blog leads. Write once, market for years to come as long as the content is relevant. Visitors want to get to know you before doing business with you. Follow the 80/20 rule to provide content that showcases your expertise (80%) and the occasional promotional content (20%).

Have A CTA Everywhere

Your B2B call-to-action needs to be easily accessible. There should always be one above the fold, especially if much of your traffic comes from mobile. Add a CTA to each blog post, place one in the footer, keep one noticeable on the sidebar and somewhere in the header. You don’t have to overwhelm your visitors, but design your website so your CTA is always visible and easy to find.

Add In Videos

Nearly 70% of B2B marketers are using videos as part of their content marketing strategy. Videos are a quick way to introduce your business, showcase products, explain value and engage with visitors. Over 80% of B2B marketers have seen success simply by adding in videos.

While you don’t need to focus solely on video creation, adding some in to further explain products and services can boost conversions. Add a video near your CTA. Visitors are more likely to check out the video instead of simply dismissing your CTA. After hearing what you have to say, your call-to-action suddenly becomes more effective.

Test, Test And Test Again

Your website only maximizes your B2B call-to-action if you’re looking at how visitors interact with your site. Testing may make you think about A/B testing, but that’s not always effective, especially if your conversion rate is currently lower than 1000. Plus, A/B testing takes time, which could lead to missed opportunities.

The more effective alternative is diving deep into your website analytics. The data you find helps you uncover where your visitors come from, what pages they visit, how long they stay, whether they interact with your CTA or not and even where they go after your site.

The more you learn about your visitors, the easier it is to optimize your site for their needs. Keep testing different layouts, CTAs and types of content and you’ll find the sweet spot to increase leads.

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