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First Impressions Are Everything - How To Design A CTA Home Page

Your CTA home page has a single goal: get visitors to take action.

As with anything, first impressions are everything. If your home page doesn’t impress the visitor, they won’t take action. You can change that impression with a design that draws the visitor to the CTA naturally.

Let your home page call your visitors to action. All it takes is a few simple techniques to go from no clicks to numerous clicks.

CTA Basics

Before getting into designing the home page, let’s take a look at what a good CTA should be. A call-to-action persuades visitors to take some form of action, such as signing up for a newsletter or downloading a free ebook. A CTA needs to grab attention and make visitors feel like they not just want, but need to take the desired action.

The right CTA design draws the eyes and gets more clicks.

Keep It Simple

Flashy is nice, but sometimes the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method works best. You don’t need numerous images, flashing text or even a long drawn out message. Take Evernote’s home page for instance. Visitors are greeted by an animated background featuring just like them. A simple message of “Remember Everything” takes center stage. A quick description is followed by two text boxes and a “Sign Up For Free” button. It’s a beautiful example of how a simple design makes the CTA stand out.

Evernote Home Page

Make The Action Obvious

Sometimes your CTA gets lost somewhere in the other text on your home page. Visitors get confused as to what action they should take. For instance, if you have a “Sign Up” button, make certain that you’re telling the visitor what they’re signing up for. For instance, are they signing up for an email newsletter, special offers or a free ebook?

Use bold text and an obvious CTA button so your visitors have no problem understanding what action to take. The more they have to search for what to do, the less likely they are to click.

As with anything, first impressions are everything. If your home page doesn’t impress the visitor, they won’t take action.

Quell Any Fears Immediately

Want to know why many people don’t click? They’re afraid of being stuck with something they don’t want. For instance, look at Netflix’s website. The CTA asks people to sign up for a free month. The first question most visitors will have is “can I cancel if I don’t like it?”. The message “Cancel Anytime” is even larger than the text on the CTA button itself. This makes visitors feel more comfortable signing up because they know it’s easy to cancel at any point.

If you’re asking visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, add the text that it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time. This will encourage more people to at least try your newsletter.

Netflix's Home Page

Keep Your Branding

When a CTA home page looks drastically different from everything else on your site, it looks more like a pesky ad than something a visitor wants to do. The key is to maintain your branding with the same tone and colors that you use on the rest of your website and social media channels.

Another thing to consider is avoiding the CTA altogether and going with a call to value. Make your brand more about providing value to the visitor versus trying to sell to them and your CTA home page will be more successful.

Save Bright Colors For The CTA

The brightest and boldest colors on your CTA home page should be for the CTA itself. The last thing you want is your CTA to blend in. Softer colors for the background allow bold colors, such as red, black, blue and green to stand out. Bright colors also draw the eye naturally. Green and orange are two of the most successful CTA colors.

Let Images Guide The Eye

Finally, use images to guide the eye. Your CTA home page needs images. Show your product in action like Square does or use images with each block of text to describe your CTA and draw visitors to the action itself. The rule to remember is to keep images simple. A full background image or even a solid color background with small, bright images keep the design minimal, but still make a great first impression.

Square Home Page

Design For Your Visitors

No matter what your CTA home page design might be, it’s important to always put your visitors first. Design with their needs in mind. Think about what would make you click. As a general rule, a simple design with a clear CTA always works best.

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