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Cutting Edge Design - Get An Expert On Your Side

Is it really that important to have a cutting edge design? The answer is a resounding yes, especially from your visitors.

Think of your site’s design as your storefront. Would visitors come in to a building that’s shiny and new or one that looks like it’s falling apart with a door that barely opens?

All web designs aren’t created equal and that’s why you need experts like Block 81 on your side to ensure your site looks new, friendly, professional and of course, cutting edge.

Cutting edge design is the edge your site needs to succeed. Image by William Iven.

Your First Impression Makes Or Breaks Your Site

When you’re face to face with someone, you only have seconds to make a first impression. People’s attention spans are even shorter online. One of the most generous studies concerning first impressions with web design show it takes just 50 milliseconds for a visitor to judge your site.

No matter how great your products, services and content, visitors won’t stick around if your site doesn’t make a good first impression. If it’s loading slowly or looks strange, they’re more likely to just press their back button and see what the competition has to offer.

Outdated Sends The Wrong Impression

An outdated site might seem like a good way to save money, but consider this – an outdated website tells visitors you don’t care about your business. It might seem harsh, but visitors see an outdated site and make the assumption that your business, products and services are outdated too.

Outdated sites may not function correctly in modern browsers, especially on mobile devices. They also tend to load slower. With visitors wanting pages to load in less than eight seconds, a faster site is always better. Cutting edge design shows that you’re investing your business and your visitors.

It might seem harsh, but visitors see an outdated site and make the assumption that your business, products and services are outdated too.

Cutting Edge Keeps You Competitive

One of the easiest ways to stay competitive with millions of websites is to have a fast, sleek, cutting edge website. When you have a great design that’s easy to use and filled with informative, engaging content, you’re a step above the competition. Something as simple as a checkout process that has fewer screens and works twice as fast is enough to make consumers choose your site over your competitors.

Newer designs are also more compatible. For instance, no cutting edge design is complete unless it’s mobile friendly too. With more people than ever coming to your site from mobile devices, it’s vital to ensure your site meets their needs.

The great thing about having the latest and greatest for your site is you’re able to give visitors exactly what they want. This is customer satisfaction before they’ve even had a chance to explore your site. That makes a great first impression and prevents visitors from clicking their back buttons.

Picking The Right Design Trends Are Everything

Every year is filled with new web design trends and as this Forbes article proves, 2017 is no exception. However, cutting edge design doesn’t mean adopting every new trend that comes along. This is where having experts on your side is beneficial. Some trends work well for your site and target audience, while others may just drive visitors away.

Another thing to consider is the staying power of trends. A quick look at HubSpot’s 20+ Years of Website Design shows just how trends have changed. You want to invest in trends that are most likely to pay off for your site, not fade away in a year.

Experts know how to analyze trends along with your site’s goals and see which trends will be the most beneficial for your site. You get cutting edge design without any excess or the need for a complete redesign a year down the road.

Staying in the past or sticking with what once worked isn’t enough to stay competitive online. Give your visitors the best you have to offer by getting the experts at Block 81 on your team.

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