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A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Amazing Email Marketing Campaign

Whoever said email was dead obviously never bothered to look at the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

As with any type of marketing, it takes the right techniques to create a truly amazing campaign that make people want to view and interact with the message.

Email marketing is still the best way to acquire and retain customers with the acquisition rate being 81% versus only 51% with social media. Use these steps to create campaigns that work.

Set Clear Goals

Before you do anything else, the first step to an amazing email marketing campaign is to set clear goals. Recipients instantly know if you’re uncertain about your campaign. If you’re not confident in the purpose, why would they click?

Whether it’s just recommending products based on past purchases or boosting site traffic by sending out tips and tricks, set goals for what you want to accomplish. This changes how you segment your lists, when you send out messages and how many messages you send.

Study Your Audience

How much do you know about your audience? Take the time to break down some of the key traits of your audience, such as demographics, past purchases and type of engagement for past campaigns. Knowing your audience helps you to segment your list to better target your messages. You’ll also be able to personalize messages based on what your audience is most interested in.

With an acquisition rate of 81%, email marketing is still the best way to acquire and retain customers.

Choose The Right Software

Choose your email marketing software carefully. Each has its own benefits. For best results, choose one that allows you to easily segment lists, create email triggers and create analytics reports. You have numerous options to choose from, including our very own Blockmailer which includes all the features you could possibly need.

Create Noticeable Opt-ins

While you don’t need millions of emails to create amazing email marketing campaigns, you do want to have an ever growing list. After all, the more emails on your list, the better the results. The best ways to increase signups include:

  • Make your email opt-in noticeable, but not obnoxious

  • Have a clear call-to-action with your opt-in

  • Ask for as little information as possible (simpler forms make people happier)

  • Explain the types of messages and the frequency (reduces unsubscribes later)

  • Offer something in return (free ebook, discount, tips list, etc.)

  • Blog regularly to drive traffic to your site

Using these tips should increase overall signups which makes your list and campaign more effective.

Deliver The Emails You Promise

One of the worst mistakes you can make with your email marketing campaign is to break your promise. For instance, if you promised the people your list a single message weekly with helpful advice, deliver that. Don’t change suddenly and send out multiple promotional messages every week.

By delivering what you promise, you build a stronger relationship with the recipients. This means they’ll open your messages more frequently and interact with them. If you plan on making changes, inform your list and give them the chance to unsubscribe. Simply being truthful with them makes them respect your business more.

Amazing email campaigns always use certain techniques for success. (Image: Anete Lūsiņa)

Set Triggers

When people first sign up, they expect an initial welcome message. They expect a thank you or recommended product message after buying something. 

To make your email marketing campaign more successful, set triggers in your marketing software. For instance, if someone buys something, send them a message saying thank you and include details on how to contact customer support with any questions. Also, include other possible products or even a discount code to entice them to shop again.

You might also set up an initial series of messages for new subscribers. These might include special gifts or quick summaries of your best blog posts. This builds an initial relationship and encourages them to interact with your site more.

Format Your Messages

The way you format your messages is important. Remember that people are viewing messages on both desktop and mobile, so your messages should adapt easily. A few tips to remember include:

  • Limit images for faster loading messages

  • Use a catchy or descriptive headline

  • Use their name in the message

  • Use different messages for each segment in your list

  • Keep messages short and sweet

  • Include clear calls-to-action so readers know what to do next

Check out some of these email marketing campaigns to see how they formatted their messages.

Pay Close Attention To Analytics

Finally, pay close attention to your analytics. What are your click-through rates? Do certain types of messages work better? Which segments open the most messages? It’s only through analytics that you’re able to discover ways to tweak your campaign to make it far more successful.

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