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7 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For A Business

You can’t increase profits until customers are aware of your brand.

All it takes for consumers to recognize some companies is a logo, tagline or jingle.

Those companies didn't start out as popular, household names. They had to work on increasing their brand awareness first.

Brand awareness is crucial to ensuring your potential customers know you exist. Once they're aware of you, all you have to do is provide quality products, services and of course, customer service.

1. Have A Recognizable Logo Designed

Logos are important for branding. If you have a recognizable logo, consumers will instantly recognize that it's your brand when they see social media posts, read guest blog posts or view anything about you online. Having a logo that fits your brand and voice helps boost awareness through all your marketing efforts. Work with an experienced logo designer to have a logo designed that speaks to your target audience and explains who you are. Remember, this single image serves the face of your business.

2. Get Social On The Right Channels

Social media is one of the most popular methods to increase brand awareness. With over a billion active users, it's a must for spreading the word about your business. Of course, you have to pick the right networks for your audience. If the majority of your target audience uses Instagram and Pinterest, you wouldn't want to focus all your efforts on Twitter and Facebook.

If you think social media doesn't work, consider that 89% of businesses noticed an increase in their exposure while 75% experienced large traffic increases in just three years. Those numbers prove that the right social media strategy does work.

3. Make A Home Online

Small businesses, especially, think they don't need a website. Whether you're working solo or have 100 employees, your business needs an online presence. A simple website with contact information, details on what you offer and a quick backstory helps tell customers who you are and helps them find you via search engines.

4. Join Forces With Another Company

Every business isn't competition. In fact, some of them could be your best chance at increasing your brand awareness. For instance, if you run a small photography business, partnering with an event planner could help get your company noticed. The idea is to join forces with a complimentary business. The partnership is beneficial to both of you without any competition.

5. Write For Yourself And Others

A few social media posts and a website aren't enough. Writing blog posts for your site regularly allows you to offer useful content to those just starting to learn about your brand. It helps build trust and gives you something to share on social media. To increase awareness faster, guest blog on relevant industry sites. For instance, writing a guest post on maintaining tires in the winter on a popular car care site could lead to thousands of new people discovering your online auto care store.

6. Offer Something Useful For Free

Who doesn't love getting something incredibly useful for free? Share a link to a free ebook, educational infographic, discount code or anything else on social media and encourage your followers to share it. Consumers are far more likely to check out a new brand if they're getting something free or cheap. Plus, they love sharing freebies with their friends.

Another option is to offer something free in exchange for an email address. Then you can offer weekly tips and advice related to your brand and industry. This keeps your brand fresh in the recipient's mind and encourages them to keep spreading the word about you.

7. Stay Consistent

No matter what you do, you have to stay consistent. Maintain the same voice and personality throughout your website, blog and social media posts. This makes consumers feel as if they're interacting with a real person and not just a faceless company. It helps forge better relationships with your target audience and helps them instantly recognize your brand across any marketing channel you use.


It requires regular work to increase brand awareness for any business. The hardest part is choosing the right strategy to fit your business. This is where choosing a branding agency is helpful. They do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best - growing your business.

Tired of no one knowing about your business? Get your name out there by contacting the branding experts at Block 81.

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