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5 UX Essentials Your B2B Website Needs

Users expect certain things when visiting your B2B website. While they expect every site to be different, they have a certain experience in mind that if not met, causes them to leave quickly.

Every B2B websites needs to have specific UX essentials to create that anticipated experience. Consider these the basics for better user experience.

You can go above and beyond the basics, but make sure your site includes these five elements or users may be disappointed.

Functional On All Screen Sizes

No matter what else you do, make responsive design your top priority. Currently, 80% of internet users have a smartphone. This means your visits aren’t just coming from desktop screens. If your website doesn’t automatically adjust to fit the screen size, while still being fully functional, it will cause visitors to leave. Plus, it could hurt your site’s search rank.

This seamless switching between devices creates better UX overall. The truth is, you never know where your visitors might come from, so it’s better to be prepared to offer the best experience possible on every device.

Easy To Understand CTAs

Your call-to-action is the lifeblood of your B2B website. Without it, you’re probably not getting many conversions. However, a properly designed CTA is among the top UX essentials. HubSpot provides a list of exceptional CTAs and some of the things that make them stand out include:

  • Clutter free design

  • Offering multiple options, including an opt-out for pop-ups

  • Colorful, bold CTA button

  • Visual cues that guide the eye

  • Behavioral CTAs

Visitors should never have to guess about your CTA. Make it noticeable, inviting and easy to use and you’ve made the conversion experience a pleasurable one.

Clear Navigation

When visitors want to explore your site, is it easy and intuitive? If a visitor comes to your site via a link to a blog post, how easy is for them to find your home page or contact information? Navigation must be simple on all devices. Sticky menus are great for long pages, especially on desktops. Accordion menus are ideal for long FAQs or to keep the menu out of the way on web pages.

The easier it is to get from Point A to Point Z on your website, the happier your users will be.

Easy To Use Search Tool

Search tools are one of the most commonly overlooked UX essentials. If you’re selling products, your visitors don’t want to have to go through numerous menus to find what they need. They’d rather just look it up in a search bar. This search bar should be present on all pages to make navigating the site even easier. For instance, if a blog post makes a visitor think of a product they wanted to see, they could search directly from the blog.

If you need to save space, especially for mobile versions of your site, a simple magnifying glass search icon with an expandable search box works perfectly.

Highly Organized Content

Finally, you need organized content. Think of a bookstore that just lumps everything together. It would be chaotic to say the least and no one would really enjoy the experience. Take the time to create clear category pages and provide links to main pages (Home, Contact, FAQs, etc.) in the footer and menu. Offer filtering options after searching and within category pages.

Another option is to personalize content. For users that log in, personalize recommended products or encourage re-ordering for frequently purchased products. Organization drastically improves the user experience, leading to happier visitors.

Design For A Better Experience

Your B2B site isn’t just judged on the products or services offered. It’s judged on the experience it provides to the visitor. When it comes to UX essentials, keep one thing in mind – your users should enjoy the experience and not have to think about how they wish your site would work.

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