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5 Email Marketing Tips That Can Change Your Business

One of the best ways to boost business and traffic to your website is via email marketing.

Though some experts believe email is on the way out, the majority of businesses and experts still rely on email as their primary and most successful marketing tool. The reason is because it still works.

With the right email marketing tips, you can change your business. Start enjoying more repeat customers and even more organic traffic than before.

Connect with your email subscribers to boost conversions. Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

1. Focus On User Friendly Emails

One of the most commonly over-looked email marketing tips is to focus on the user. Often times the focus is on the product, but in the end, it’s the user that matters. When creating a message for users, consider the following:

  • Keep it text-based or limit images to one or two so messages load faster

  • Use a straightforward message with only two or three short paragraphs

  • Make your call-to-action clear and obvious near the beginning and end of the message

  • Ensure all emails are mobile friendly

  • Use compelling, yet descriptive subject lines

People are busy and they want to read emails that are short and easily read on any device. As of 2015, 50% of email opens happen on mobile devices and a surprising 71% of users delete emails immediately if they don’t open correctly on mobile. Make sure to keep emails short and mobile-friendly. Take a look at some of the successful email marketing campaigns on HubSpot to see these tips in action.

2. Test, Track, And Learn

Email marketing probably isn’t a new strategy for your business, but it might not be working as well as you’d like. Take a look at past email marketing campaigns. Look closely at open rates, click-through rates and even unsubscribe rates. What types of emails performed best? Which ones did the worst? Did emails perform better at certain times or with certain demographics? Before sending another message, see what is and isn’t working already.

Another area to test is your website. If you’re not getting the signups you want, test new calls-to-action and even the placement of your signup form. Changing the location, CTA and even font size can drastically impact email subscriptions.

With the right email marketing tips, you can change your business.

3. Segment And Automate

Segmenting and automation could quickly become your best friend. Segmenting your email list is one of the top email marketing tips from experts and businesses. This ensures your subscribers are receiving the messages that are most relevant to them, which increases open rates and conversions.

Automated emails occur via a trigger, such as after a purchase, an abandoned shopping cart or a new subscriber. These messages see an average of 70.5% better open rates. Triggered campaigns account for 75% of email revenue.

When segmenting and using automation, always ensure the emails are still personalized. Add in the person’s name or have the message come from a real person’s email address versus “donotreply.” This makes the message seem more friendly.

4. Make Messages Social

Most email marketing tips focus solely on increasing open rates, but what about increasing organic traffic? Emails have the power to reach more than just the subscriber they’re sent to. Add in a section at the end of the message about forwarding the message to a friend or include social share buttons with your call-to-action.

Adding one or both of these elements encourages users to share deals and information that they find useful. Each person they send your message to is organic traffic. This leads to more subscribers, customers and website visitors with less work.

Emails have the power to reach more than just the subscriber they’re sent to.

5. Go Beyond Marketing With Emails

Taking the “marketing” out of “email marketing” might sound pointless, but it’s actually highly effective. Your messages don’t have to always focus on deals, asking someone to check out a new product, or just reminding them your business still exists. These get old after a while and may lead to people unsubscribing.

Instead, take a step beyond marketing and offer useful content. If you’re mentioning a new product, list useful tips related to the product, such as quick ways to keep a house clean if your business is selling a new type of mop.

Useful, entertaining and informative content engages readers and makes them keep opening your messages. It’ll also lead to more people sharing your messages. Share blog posts or even useful links to other websites. The key is to give users a reason to rely on your messages.

Boost Your Business With Email Marketing

Email marketing is far from dead and it could be the boost your business needs. Implement the five tips above to increase open rates and click-through rates. With the right messages, you’ll even boost social sharing, leading to an increase in traffic and business.

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