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This is Block 81's archive of past articles. Once in a while we may add more, but it's rare.

Block 81 is a design studio producing beautifully crafted websites and brands for independent businesses and startups.

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10/30/17 How To: Create a Polaroid Frame Image in Photoshop

10/16/17 If You Haven't Gone Mobile – You're Missing Out Big Time

09/15/17 How To Find A Web Designer Experienced In B2B

08/17/17 Why Blogging Is Not For Every Business

08/11/17 The Best Of The Best - 5 Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

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05/16/17 Not Everything Old Is New Again

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02/27/17 6 Things You Can Do To Improve Customer Service Outcomes

02/20/17 Design Products by Block 81

02/14/17 Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Email & Website On The Same Server

02/7/17 15 Common Misconceptions About Web Design & Development

01/31/17 Why Your Brochure Style Website Won’t Cut It Anymore

01/24/17 How You Can Use Your Blog To Grow Your List

01/18/17 2016 Recap

12/20/16 5 Email Marketing Tips That Can Change Your Business

11/11/16 First Impressions Are Everything - How To Design A CTA Home Page

10/25/16 How To Review Your Website Before Launch

10/19/16 Goodbye Basecamp; Hello ClientFlow

10/10/16 11 Signs That You’re Outgrowing Your DIY Website

09/20/16 How Social Proof Makes A Positive Impact On Your Website

09/13/16 Pantone (PMS) Colors in Your Logo: Yes or No?

09/9/16 How We Do: Our Web Design Process

08/25/16 Do Craft Distilleries Need A CMS Website?

07/20/16 What Your Blog Hero Image Needs To Say About Your Post

07/1/16 Our New Promo Video

05/17/16 What Your Website Says About Your Architectural Firm

04/11/16 Project Management Using Basecamp & Asana

03/22/16 How We Do: Project File Organization

03/14/16 7 Tips For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

02/1/16 Create A Website That Attracts And Converts

01/1/16 2015 Recap

12/15/15 Google Algorithm Promotes Mobile Friendly Sites

11/29/15 Why Do I Need To Maintain My Website?

10/30/15 13 Elements Every Website Should Have

09/25/15 Planning Is The Key To A Successful Website

08/19/15 Why Invest In A Website

07/29/15 7 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For A Business

02/25/15 Wireframes: High Fidelity vs. Low Fidelity

02/9/15 Introducing Budget Sites

01/15/15 Why We Got Out of the SEO Game

01/7/15 Tips for Optimizing Your Website’s Performance

12/31/14 2014 Recap

12/5/14 The ExpressionEngine Add-On Addiction

10/27/14 Introducing Blockwire Web Hosting

10/10/14 Presenting Just One Design Concept

06/20/14 Finding a Reliable Portland Web Design Agency

05/26/14 Proper Website Maintenance (Or How to Be Prepared for a Website Disaster)

04/20/14 420 Creative is Now Block 81

01/21/14 Ranking in Google: Ready to Put in the Work?

01/14/14 Why Professional Web Design Matters

01/9/14 ExpressionEngine E-commerce, Redux

11/18/13 The Myth of the Best CMS

11/14/13 The On-Going Costs of Websites

09/5/13 What Top Construction Company Websites Have in Common

08/20/13 Mini SEO Case Study: Top Rankings Within Two Weeks

08/12/13 Responsive Web Design Is Web Design

08/7/13 QR Codes

06/28/13 Spec Work [video]

06/8/13 Why We Don't Respond to RFPs

05/27/13 WILLCO Kitchen Remodel Featured in Oregon Home Magazine

05/18/13 Does Your Web Agency Need to Be An Expert In Your Industry?

01/25/13 Make Your Home Page Slideshow Look Great

01/12/13 Why Website Maintenance Is Important

05/29/12 Why You Should Avoid (Most) Stock Photography

05/14/12 Mobile-Specific Website or Responsive Design

03/23/12 Meta Q Interviews Angie Herrera

03/6/12 Get Over Scrolling

02/7/12 Avoid Newbie Blogging Mistakes With These 6 Tips

01/17/12 7 Tips to Keep Shopping Cart Abandonment Down

01/10/12 Print Ads Can Work Better Than Web Ads

01/2/12 Avoiding Duplicate Title Issues in ExpressionEngine