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Mini SEO Case Study: Top Rankings Within Two Weeks

We announced last week 1 our launch of the Ross Hollywood Chapel Veterans Day Parade website. This week we highlight the immediate success they've had in search engine rankings.

The previous iteration of the Veterans Day website, which ran on WordPress2, didn't rank well. At all. Doing a simple search for veterans day parade portland gave a ton of results, but not a single one was to the official website. Not good.

Inspecting the previous site we noticed a few things:

  • Virtually all the pages on the site had almost the exact same title tag. Duplicate title tags aren't exactly a good thing on Google.
  • The title tags didn't include important keywords. That's a major omission!
  • The home page didn't include the main keyword anywhere. Also a major omission.
  • All of the inner pages used query strings in the URL instead of more SEO- and human-friendly URLs.

Now, those were just on-page issues. We didn't thoroughly examine any issues related to the server, such as an IP address being blocked or flagged for spam. But, these were easy corrections to make, especially since we rebuilt the site from scratch.

It's also important to note that inbound links weren't an issue either. The Veterans Day parade is the only one in Portland and it gets plenty of media attention and links.

So we made the corrections as we built the new site which was officially launched on August 8. By approximately August 14, the site had already jumped to top ten rankings. As of yesterday:

Not too shabby for just a couple weeks post-launch!

1 That article was originally published on our old studio site. It can be seen here.

2 This isn't a dig at WordPress. WordPress, like any other blogging software is actually quite easy to optimize for search engines, which makes the non-existent rankings all the more baffling.

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